MB seeks Pavilion Chair

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Remember remember, the 5th November

OK, so the last thing we’d want to see is a lick of flames anywhere in the vicinity of the mighty Bow, and it’s been a while since we burned any effergies of dissenters (although it’s a trend I can see making a comeback), but Bommie Night’s a Friday this year, so we’ll be throwing the doors open and making the most of the best spot in the park. Fireworks will be lighting up the sky from 7:30, so come down to the MB first, keep warm, sup some hot wine or soup and make the most of our location, location, location.

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World Cup feevah

Drink beer from lunchtime, let your work attendance plummet and watch England lose on a penalty shoot out. Must be World Cup time. And now you can speculate on the outcome of every game-of-two-halves/Christmas-tree formation/totally-against-the-run-of-play-goal/good touch for a tall fella/*insert your own cliche here* at the World Cup. Absolutely no footie knowledge is required (boys, you know who you are) for our World Cup competition, so please get ’em out there and get guessing.

It’s really quite simple – you predict who’s gonna win what, for every group game and the knock-out stages, and tot up points along the way. And then – if you’re any good – you’ll earn yourself some cash.

Entry’s £4 each, and the more people we get involved, the more money there’ll be in the prize kitty. Half of the cash goes to the MB, and the other half all goes back in out in the way of prizes. So get your workmates/ friends/ family/ on the case…. Please email me at fiona@capsica.net for a (pretty-self-explanatory) spreadsheet of all of the games – entries need to be received by June 10th pleez.

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Summer dreams, ripped at the seams?

Con-Dem-nation, England underperforming in the World Cup, the wettest summer since – ooh, last summer?? So they might not ALL happen, but you can cheer yourself up by getting your sticky summery mitts on some mega prizes in the MB summer draw, including a mega Canon Ixus digital camera, Ralph Lauren clothing, a digital radio, swanky new haircut or a stack of vino. Meryl’s been busy organising quality prizes, and is the person you need to speak to to get hold of books of tickets (merylk@talktalk.net) Tickets are £1 each – needless to say, the more you buy, the greater your chance, and the more money we make for the Bow. Perfecto!

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The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club. Liverpool style

Now, it can’t have escaped your notice how manicured the grass is looking, and you might have spied an assortment of hefty new implements neatly lined up in the clubhouse. That’s because we’re welcoming our sister act, the Liverpool Croquet Crew, aboard the Good Ship Bowmen. Because if it’s good enough for Wimbledon, it’s good enough for the Bowmen. So croquet will soon be played on our manicured lawns – mainly on afternoons in the week I believe, which generally means there’ll be more people around down at the club, which should help keep things busy and lively and secure.

James has been slogging away for hours getting the pitches up to scratch – the area’s just been reseeded, and over the next few days fertiliser will be going down. It’s going to be cordoned off to give it a chance to all start bloomin’, but please make sure that you don’t walk on any of the bits which are marked out – you’ll get some nasty cross-contamination with the chemicals, and it’s pretty nasty stuff whether you’re a weed or not. So if you handle anything that’s been on the ground, pleez wash your hands before eating / drinking / licking your fingers (or anything else you’ve exposed to it).

Bowmen members are of course invited to play, although I’m not sure swearing’s allowed in croquet (just me then?!), and we look set to get a good few new members via the Croquet Crew, which all helps secure the club’s future. And by the Bank Holiday play will be ready to commence. So if you fancy swinging a mallet instead of a racket, pop down this weekend and give it a whirl/ twirl/ hurl – James will be organising taster sessions for all MB members, so make sure you take the chance to try it out…

You can see more details at www.liverpoolcroquet.co.uk

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